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Knife Hit APK is an amazingly designed arcade game. In this game, player will have to throw Knives on a spinning surface. If knife hit the board, you will get more score.  With the increasing number of targets, players will get more surfaces to hit the knife. However, yes, if you hit any of the already stuck knives, then you will lose the game.

It’s time for the youngsters to warm up themselves because Ketchapp has presented its brand new exciting game “Knife Hit.” Tore the logs with knife to get maximum. Splashing apples will give you a new and sharp set of knives.

Beware of spikes and knives itself. If you hit any of the knife or even spike, you will lose ultimately. So, complete your target in time, save yourself from spikes and convert your boredom into fun.

Knife Hit APK online:

Knife Hit APK can be installed by an APK extension for all Androids, iPhones, MacBook, and PC as well. Moreover, if you want a short trial, then play this exciting game online for free.

This game is simple, easy, exciting and time hunter. Don’t think that only young gamers are eligible to play. Fun has no age, so go on and play this exciting game for fun. If you still doubt, let me tell you this game has surprise packages of weapons too. Sounds interesting?

About the game design:

Knife Hit is a product of Ketchapp that already has introduced two amazingly favorite games, i.e., Stack and Dunk Shot. It is thought to be the most exciting game of 2018. Knife Hit is mobile friendly, as its design enables it to work efficiently on small mobile space with the same experience as on full screens.

Users can Knife Hit APK for free from Apple and Google Play store. To get optimized features, weapons, and content, a user can use app purchase.

How to download:

There are no hard and fast rules to Download Knife Hit APK. Just go to Google Play Store. It comes with an extension of APK format directly, download app via extension and opens it following simple onscreen steps.

Making the long thing short, I have summarized four simple steps to download Knife Hit APK. Here you go. Follow them and get Knife Hit APK installed on your smartphone.

  1. Download knife hit APK file. (Make sure that the website you are choosing is certified).
  2. Go to the file and fill in essential or required info.
  3. Installation process will initialize, and app will be installed in few seconds.
  4. Open it and read some instructions. Now you are ready to become a Knife Master. Reminder! Beware of spikes…

Public Review:

Knife Hit APK has got a lot of hype since its launch, as almost every age of people are playing this game. Most of them have shown a satisfied response. The best thing about knife hit APK is that it can be downloaded for free and available at every online platform.

Let me share you one of the gamer’s reviews:

“I’m too old to be addicted to games but this one’s got me hooked” #knifehit

Last thought:

After analyzing all the features of this stunning game keenly, I will download this game and play. It’s better to splash some apples and get rewarded by sharp weapons than sitting bore and dozing off.

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