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Wondering for the game that may compensate your love of throwing the knife? Then welcome warmly the free Knife hit best knife for your delight.

The knife Hit Game by ketchapp and Estoty is the highly addictive and compelling game. For this reason, it is very famous for all gadgets. You can get satisfaction from it on android and IOS as well as iPhone. Along with this you may delight yourself with it even on the Windows PC

Indeed this is the game of throwing knives on logs and variety of the bosses to make the score. Merely you have to beat precisely at the moving board, and you will be the first past the post.

The best knife of the knife hit ought to be at the correct point to assure you as many knives as you need to win the game.

No doubt its online HTML5 game and 89.82% of 2555 users like this game because it is free and straightforward .further more it is a new fast-paced arcade game in the company of the set element. In this pastime, you can get extraordinary kinds of knives in many ways. Make an effort to catch high score!

This challenging game of knives involves the intense action. The number of knives you can smack on the logs to get the more knives. After cutting the apples into halves let you have new knives too.

Currently, this activity contains the 25 levels and five bosses along 16 different knives to release. For this, you need the lack of complaint and exactness. Afterward, if you are responsive, then this adds to your performance.

Toss your knives in the direction of the tree trunk as you aim to rip it into pieces in this popular online app.  Avoid strike to any of the other knives as you seek point in time your throws. Save apples to unfasten novel and improved weapon in the store. As you move ahead the trunk will turn around at exceptional speeds and gaps – you be appreciative to pay attention to the height of the main boards in this online fight.

There are three ways to obtain the knives. If you beat the boss, you receive one knife. Other than this, if you hit the tomato you will be capable of getting the tomato sticker. In the face of bosses fight when you conquer them, you spin for the random knife. Out of the ordinary knife can be yours as the return of 250 apples. So, every 250 apples let you use the one new knife.

If you view the number of ads while attempting the fixture, you will release knives. For your convenience, each ad watch makes possible to contract the one random knife. These video watches allow to win more apples and set of knives as well as many restarts. As a result, the accurate throwing of the knife is the primary source of generating more knives.

In brief chill with rewards in the game with Knife Hit Best Knife!

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